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Our unique bracket sets have been thoughtfully designed with functionality, durability, and safety in mind. They are non-permanent fixtures that are easy to remove!

Get these brackets if you want to customize the type of wood or length of your bar.


Your Views Bracket Set Comes With:

  • 2 x Views Brackets
    • Folding capability
    • Premium steel powder-coated brackets
    • Levellers included ensuring the tabletop is at 90 degrees
    • Adjusts for railings from 1.75" to 6.25" in thickness
    • Fits on most railing shapes, square or round railings
  • 2 x Railing Protectors to avoid scratches
  • Includes hardware & instructions required for assembly
  • Cable ties for an extra secure hold

You'll need a screwdriver and to purchase the wood to put together the bar. No drilling into your balcony railing needed though! 

Railing Thickness Requirements

Min Max
1.75" 6.25"


Railing Shape Fit

Round Square
Yes Yes





We want your Views balcony bar experience to last you a long time. Once you have your new balcony bar and start to use it, bare in mind some of these  maintenance tips to keep your bar looking fresh.

Tips to extend your Views Balcony Bar's Life

Clean it regularly
Food, drinks, nature-they are all things to be complemented with your Views balcony bar. We recommend that you clean your balcony bar regularly: first brush off any dirt or residue with a cloth. Then, use a clean cloth and dampen it with a mild soapy (non-detergent) solution mixed with water.

Tough stains and mildew? Try using half-water and half-white vinegar mixture to clean it. 

Watch for extreme weather
If you live in a city like Toronto where it can get down to -33°C in the winter or have winds up to 90KM/H, it's no fun being outside. Please remove the bar from the outdoor railing and store it safely indoors during this time.

Watch this video on how to remove your balcony bar. 

Apply a fresh coat of wood stain once a year
Apply another coat of exterior wood stain on it to continue to impress your guests. Give it a quick clean and then apply one thin coat of a premium exterior semi-transparent or transparent stain


    If you have any questions about how to care for your balcony bar, visit our Contact Us page.

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