Top 5 Festive Holiday Drink Recipes 2022 | Easy to make cocktails

Top 5 Festive Holiday Drink Recipes 2022 | Easy to make cocktails
Hosting this Holiday season will be more fun with these simple and quick drink recipes. They will make everyone's spirits brighter. 

#1 - Rudolph Aperol Spritz

This recipe glows.

Rudolph Aperol Spritz



 - 3 oz aperol


- 3 oz prosecco

- 1 oz cranberry

- soda water

Make it: 

Pour all ingredients except bubbly into a wine glass. Top with bubbly and enjoy!

#2 - Eggnog Espresso Martini

The best adult coffee, ever. 

Eggnog Espresso Martini



 - 1.5 oz dark rum

- 1 oz baileys

- 3 oz eggnog

- pinch of salt

- dash of vanilla

Make it: 

Shake all ingredients with ice. Top with nutmeg and enjoy!

#3 - Festive Apple Cider

Will warm anybody up with a smile.

Festive Apple Cider


 - 1.5 oz bourbon

- dash of cinnamon

- hot, sweet apple cider

Make it: 

Stir all ingredients together. Top with whipped cream. Smile.


#4 - Cranberry J75

Empress Gin is here to "empress"

Cranberry 75


 - 1 oz empress 1908 gin

 - 1/2 oz simple syrup

- 1/2 oz lemon juice

- 1/2 oz cranberry juice

- sparkling wine / prosecco

Make it: 

Shake all ingredients together except for prosecco. Top with prosecco and serve. 


#5 - Uncle Eddie's Eggnog

This one's good, this one's good! 

Uncle Eddie's Eggnog


 - 1.5 oz bourbon

- 3/4 amaretto

- 4 oz eggnog


 Make it: 

Shake all ingredients up and serve on ice (without ice if you like it really creamy). 

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