Easy Fall Dessert Idea - The S'mores Board

Easy Fall Dessert Idea - The S'mores Board

Looking for the best, easy, dessert idea this entertaining season?

Instead of a charcuterie board, try this S'mores board that will be sure to impress. Not only does it make us want to drool when we look at it, there's nothing more satisfying than a gooey marshmallow with melted chocolate on a crisp day.

You just need 3 ingredients, and a City Bonfire. 


1. Marshmallows (you can even get some good vegan ones)
2. Your favorite chocolate bar
3. Graham crackers 


*make sure you are following safety instructions for the city bonfire


S'mores Board On Balcony Bar

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"OMG this is the nicest piece of furniture in my apartment" - Jesseica "A must have for people with small patios" - Salina