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5 Ways To Kick Start Your Morning Routine On Your Balcony

5 Ways To Kick Start Your Morning Routine On Your Balcony - Views Balcony Bar | Turn your Balcony into a Bar!

Let's face it getting out of a warm bed in the morning is battle. For many urban dwellers the balcony is the only option to get that first jolt of fresh air.  Here are 5 morning balcony routines you can implement to keep your day energized.

1. Stretch it out

You may want to put some clothes on or maybe not. But a rewarding morning stretch and foam roll after your beer league (insert sport) game last night can be a game changer for improving flexibility and increasing blood flow for muscle recovery. The Nike Training Club App has a variety of free yoga & mobility classes starting with 5 minutes sessions

2. Breathing Exercises

Calling all Wim Hof fans.  Breathing exercises in the crisp morning will quickly awaken the senses.  Benefits include stress and anxiety reduction, along with improved focus and concentration, so you can be on your A-game for that first zoom meeting of the day. Check out this 5 minute breathing exercise: Energy Breathwork | 5 Min Breathing to Boost Your Energy Naturally (3 Rounds)


3. Outdoor Morning Coffee

Ok, what's better than that first sip of morning coffee?  I'll tell you what… that first sip of morning coffee on your Views Balcony Bar as the morning sun kisses your cheeks.  It's a scientific fact that exposure to natural light helps regulate your circadian rhythm and improves sleep.  Also that hit of Vitamin D will improve your mood and mental well-being.  Have a listen to Stanford Neurobiologist Andrew Huberman on the benefits of morning light exposure here:

4. Writing daily goals

Taking a few minutes to dial in your most important to do's while you admire the peaceful morning scenery from your balcony will boost your energy and focus.  You can even make your balcony a distraction-free, screen-free inspiration headquarters, allowing you to stay on task while tapping into your creativity. 


5. Gardening 

Tending to your balcony garden will not only bring some peace and calm to your mornings, it can be a rewarding activity and give you a sense of pride, especially if you can keep your plants alive!  You may also get lucky to harvest some fresh herbs for that morning tomato basil frittata. Check out to browse and order plants direct to your home. 

We hope implementing some of these routines gives you more energy and focus to tackle your day!  If you have any other creative ways to kick start your mornings, please share.

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