5 Exciting Activities At Home During COVID-19

5 Exciting Activities At Home During COVID-19 - Views Balcony Bar | Turn your Balcony into a Bar!

Can you believe the year 2020 is almost over? 

By now, you've probably watched your fair share of movies and TV shows on Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Video. You've also spent countless hours on TikTok and spotted fake news stories posted on Facebook by distant relatives.

Naturally, people are feeling fatigued from staying at home and practicing social distancing to maintain the well-being of our world. For those out there contributing to our community's safety, you are doing great, and keep it going.

We need to stay sane a little longer until we can safely hug our grandmas again. If you've run out of ideas to curb your boredom, h
ere are five exciting activities you can do at home:

1. Catch up on New York Times Bestseller books

Sapiens. The Choice. Know My Name. You might even want to start a book club with a couple of friends so you can discuss the latest chapter.


2. Learn how to dance by watching YouTube tutorials

The best thing about learning how to dance at home is that no one is watching! If you're shy about your moves but want to get ready to hit the dancefloor once the clubs open up, this is for you. You can also switch from hip-hop to tango within a few clicks.

3. Meditate and practice gratitude

Five minutes of meditation and practicing gratitude has kept me sane. It's as easy as opening up an app or following a guided meditation online. 


4. Start a new (semi-) DIY project

Why not make your living space homier? You can start a DIY project from scratch by purchasing the Views Bracket Set and pairing it with your own wooden bar. If you want to enjoy the fruits of a balcony bar and not the labour, you can always purchase one with all parts ready to assemble. It's as easy as one-two-three.

5. Create your own recipes in the kitchen
Go off the cuff... be wild. Stuff that garlic pesto with tomatoes in your baked chicken! This is the best time to perfect your skills in the kitchen and feed the soul.


If you have any suggestions or tips, comment below!


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