Hi Balcony Fam!

Jesse & Ashley here, we are the co-founders of Views Balcony Inc.

We met in Nicaragua, but both of us grew up in Vancouver, on the West Coast of Canada. After first meeting over dancing, beers, and tacos (all which we still LOVE today), we moved to Toronto to pursue our "careers".

We started to miss our outdoors lifestyle and noticed that everyone in the big city had a precious piece of real estate but no one used it. On top of that, it seemed like everyone was always on full stride to get somewhere, to do something, and constantly bombarded with technological distractions. 

Our mission is to inspire REAL connections. When you sit at a bar in a restaurant, it's intimate, it's action packed, and you are observing the scene around you. We want our balcony bars to do the same. To give you a way to connect with each other, enjoy your views, create a moment of serenity, or create new memories with other amazing humans just like you.


Jesse & Ashley in Lisbon, Portugal. One of the many cities we love traveling to, sitting at the bar to take in the culture, meet the people, and of course have a great cocktail.