Top Plants to Spruce Up Your Balcony

Summer is coming. Here are the top plants to decorate your outdoor balcony. 


Okay, so most of us have a little extra time on our hands.

Why not give growing some plants on your balcony a shot?

Other than releasing oxygen back into the air, plants can be
a great way to bring relaxation, nourish you, and a great way
to decorate your balcony when you live in an urban jungle.


We've got a few tips for growing plants on your balcony AND
plant experts and owners of Jomo Studio (Instagram
@jomostudio) have given us the BEST balcony plants to
share with you!


Tips for your Balcony "Garden"


1. You Are What you Eat

The same goes for gardens in containers, healthy plants
need healthy soil.


2. Go Vertical /Optimize Your Space

Balconies tend to be tight on space, so why not think of
going up! There are a few great space saving items such
as a flower pot hanging system or plant shelving to
optimize your space.




Our Balcony Bars are also a great option to add some plants!
Check them out here














3. Position Plants Based on Exposure to the Elements 

Observe how much sunlight your balcony gets
throughout the day. Most balconies only get light
from one direction, so be sure to position your plants


5. Water Plants Effectively 

Make sure you know how much water your plant
requires. Each plant has different requirements….
there are even some that don't like water as much

(these are our favourite).


Jomo's Favourite Plants for your Balcony



  1. Cacti and Succulents

Cacti and succulents will relish the heat and brightness
of a sunny balcony. Click for link to view some
beautiful succulents here.

















  1. Lemon, Lime, or Orange

These are one of the many fruits you can grow in pots,
containers, and hanging baskets on a balcony AND they
will actually bear fruits. C'mon fresh lime for your

homemade margaritas and guacamole?! Click here
for additional information to grow lemons on your















  1. Jasmine

If you envisage warm summer evenings spent sitting
on your balcony, scented plants like jasmine are essential.












  1. Herbs

Herbs are the perfect low-maintenance addition to your
balcony.  Plus, it's much cheaper to grow them yourself
than have to buy them. If you have full sun, basil and
rosemary work well. For part sun, cilantro and chives are
good choices. Plant in separate containers, or make a
mixed pot that includes your favorites alongside an annual
such as sweet alyssum. Herbs need sun to shade.













For more plant information we seriously love Jomo Studio -
they offer life time plant support and delivery in Toronto!
Check out their website for more information! 


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